MJK Translations

solutions for Brexit-afflicted businesses


Why offering solutions to something that has already turned into reality?

With the intent of being able to serving businesses that have their tax domicile outside of the Euro region or with their HQ located not on the continent (e. g. the UK and its Commonwealth states, or businesses trading with and going through the UK system, e.g. Australia, the U. S.) and to facilitate an economic revival with entities outside of Europe all enquiries may now be submitted to the UK branch "MJK Translations", a small business formerly registered under UK tax laws in England run by M. J. Estel.

MJK Translations has been a UK-based and UK-listed registered business some time ago and can swiftly be re-activated as soon as business grows and clients want projects to be taxed under UK tax laws.

Double-taxation rules between the UK and West Germany assure that all UK-solicited business going through MJK Translations will not be taxed twice.

Is MJK Translations in any way better or what do I get extra? Just another translation provider?

Raison d'être for MJK Translations is to provide solutions to insurmountable issues with Brexit hindering trade and growth. MJK Translations can at any time be re-activated to full life and fill the gap that is widening up by Brexit to assure your business or trade won't end up isolated and estranged by the Brexit turmoil. Projects that you want to be taxed under UK tax regime can now be done here with MJK Translations eliminating all those Brexit issues.

Mutually beneficial I hear you say as you don't need to fear problems with the continent and Euro and I can still work on your projects without both of us having to waste time on whether or how Brexit might disturb everyone's business.

Now, you simply cannot say anymore "that's none of your business!" because, as of now with offering this solution, your business problems are also part of my business! But here I am, coming to your rescue of Brexit-afflicted hindrances, delays, queues, production limitations, supply chain restrictions with offering a UK-registered and UK-taxed business booster and solutions facilitator.

This not only facilitates growth on both parts; it also circumvents issues arising from currency conversion losses and banking fees, Brexit bureaucracy and other issues hindering mutual benefits whilst putting to serve clients and businesses alike in the foreground.

Benefits for you:

* hassle-free project cycle under working conditions you are accustomed to,

* no bureaucracy, no unnecessary red tape of other tax regimes, all is kept in the UK system,

* all fiscal aspects and tax matters stay in the Western system (no hassle with Euro zone member states),

* no need to speak German or any other continental European languages (workspace completely in English),

* in case of questions on tax matters point of contact is a UK tax officer, so you do not need to have any official tax forms or bureaucratic paperwork translated thus no need for any certified translations, notarization, legalization, registrations of businesses in Germany or Europe, no need to pay the German trade registry or any courts, lawyers or notary publics for enlisting a company abroad in alien European countries,

* time zone of working sphere is still within geographic Europe (only one hour deviation), no absurd time zone differences to far Western regions (e.g. U. S.) or Far Eastern/Asian time zones therefore stringent and (cost) efficient project flow in geographic Europe possible,

* no need for changing any of your existing processes, teams or experienced figures in your company; you just book and commission services as  "add-on solutions" easy to be implemented in your existing frameworks and project cycles,

* in case you are a start-up business and you want to 'test drive' whether or not your new business idea works out with the continent use MJK Translations as a relay station and to test ties with no danger of unforeseen costs for translations needed in case your business goes bust,  no red tape to fill in or fees to pay for German bailiffs, no paying of costly fees for deletions in the trade register or to tax advisors. No hidden costs to pay any German clerks, managers, the administration and yet,you can still have a German work for you as if I was sitting at your desk. You can still have your business, your life in the UK with no necessity to pay overheads in Germany while test driving your idea and going through MJK Translations.

* safe and secure online-based shared co-working sphere to protect yourself from unnecessary travels and to avoid getting infected from any Covid strains,

* you are always in full control over your own time management and daily routines, you are only obliged according to what your own project schedule dictates,

* this is not virtual reality, no sandbox or test in some modelling software or testing environment, this is the reality of working on projects across borders with teams divided up and scattered around in companies, home offices, in-house staff and freelancers.

* practically zero overheads,

* extremely sensible and useful for any freelance networking and building up teams or for existing companies to chain MJK Translations into their workflows,

Convinced? MJK Translations is exactly what you were looking for to fill the gap.

Use  this site to book us and to go through MJK Translations if all monetary and taxation matters ought to be dealt with ex-Europe or ex-Euro businesses for ease of growth and to get things done again. Simply write to us by filling in the form below (if no data entry fields appear you probably use a browser too old and might consider something newer).